Different Mandates
Two projects have been undertaken by MCHP that have different mandates, but are similar in some respects: A Project to Investigate Expenditures on Health Care to Manitobans (Shanahan et al.), which is discussed here, and Needs-Based Funding for Regional Health Authorities: A Proposed Framework (Mustard et al.), which will be released later this year.

The mandate of the first project was to find a way to estimate how much the province spent providing health services to residents of different parts of Manitoba. It did not include explaining the relationship between need for health care and use of services. The second project has developed a proposal for a method to allocate future total provincial expenditures in a fair way to the RHAs based on each region's needs for health care services. In addition to pursuing different ends, these projects also differed in some of their methods and assumptions. These differences are documented in the full report of the current project.