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Concept: Service Types, Physician Visits

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Concept Description

Last Updated: 2007-10-16


    Service types define a set of different types of services found in the physician visits. The most recent use of these types have been the use of service type 01 (non-consultative visit) and 02 (consultative visit) in the Ambulatory Visits - Physician concept.
    00 -
    01 - Non-Consultative visits
    02 - Consultative visits (see update)
    03 - Optometrist visits
    04 - Chiropractic visits
    05 - Pathology/Laboratory
    06 - X-ray/radiology
    07 - Surgery
    08 - Surgical Assistance
    09 - Anaesthetic, Anaesthesia assistance
    10 - Heart Tracing "ECG"
    11 - Allergy Care, Injection, Immunization, Lab smear
    12 - other tests and exams (including X-ray radium)

Definition of individual components:

    01 - Non-Consultative Visits
    Refers to all ambulatory physician visits, other than consultative care, including complete or regional histories and examinations and subsequent visits in which the progress of the patient's condition is monitored. It is provided by both general practitioners and generalist physicians.
    02 - Consultative Visits
    Includes ambulatory physician visits in which the patient is referred by one physician seeking the opinion of another physician (usually a specialist because of the complexity, obscurity, or seriousness of a patient's illness), or because a second opinion is requested either by the patient, physician, or someone acting on the patient's behalf.
    NOTE: There have been updates to the definition of consultation visits. See the Physician Consultation Visits concept for more information. The change moves from the one above to using a specific set of tariff codes based on work in the Primary Care deliverable (see Bogdan Bogdanovic or Natalia Dik). Tariff codes: 8550, 8556, 8557, 8595, 8555, 8516, 8596, 4800, 8440, 4806, 8553, 8554. The first 7 were used in the deliverable the rest did not appear in the data for the study. It should be noted that in Winnipeg billings with a referral were used as they overlapped with consultative visits
    03 - Optometrist visits
    If you are under 19 years of age or 65 and over you may receive one complete routine eye exam every two years. Exams for all ages will be covered if deemed medically necessary by the optometrists. There is limited coverage for lenses for individuals age 65 and over. There is also some coverage for prosthetic eye and infant contact lens. Manitoba health discontinued complete eye examinations for persons 19 years of age or older but under the age of 65 Effective April 1, 1996.
    if mdbloc='053' or (substr(mdbloc,1,2)='05' and 03807<=md_code<=03906) then servtype='03';
    04 - Chiropractor visits
    Manitoba Health will insure a maximum of 12 visits per Manitoba resident per year. The adjustment of the spinal column, pelvis and extremities are insured chiropractic services.
    if '8505'<=tariff<='8506' then servtype='04' ;
    05 - Pathology/Laboratory
    Defined using tariff prefix 8
    06 - X-ray/radiology
    Defined using tariff prefix 5
    07 - Surgery
    Defined using tariff prefix 2
    08 - Surgical Assistance
    Defined using tariff prefix 0
    09 - Anaesthetic, Anaesthesia assistance
    Defined using tariff prefix 4 and 6
    10 - Heart Tracing "ECG"
    Defined using pattern of practice code 21
    11 - Allergy Care, Injection, Immunization, Lab smear
    Defined using pattern of practice codes in the range '23'<=patprac<='25'| patprac='30'
    12 - other tests and exams (including X-ray radium)
    Defined using the pattern of practice codes '18' | patprac='29'

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