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Concept: Small Areas in Manitoba

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Last Updated: 2003-03-06


    The following document provides some basic information on various areas in Manitoba. Many of these have separate individual concepts written about them. This information is compiled from various sources; some numbers may disagree between sources and should be assumed to be approximate.

Manitoba Health Defined Areas

    12 RHAs
    • approximately 1200 to 650000 (Churchill and Winnipeg) - the rest are between 23000 and 95000.
    • These areas are issues really only when dealing with small age ranges, or specific diseases/mortality
    • Low risk of being too small to be statistically valid (except Churchill)

    50-60 RHA districts and Physician Service Areas
    • approximately 1000 - 45000
    • Most in range 3000 - 10000 - starting to have issues with small numbers
    • Moderate to risk (note some smaller areas)

    283 Municipal areas
    • Smaller areas than above districts range outside Winnipeg
    • 30 - 30000
    • Outside Winnipeg typically less than 1000
    • Winnipeg has municipal areas defined by Manitoba Health but rarely used as such, these represent 6000 - 60000 (typically over 20000)
    • Moderate to little risk

    12 Winnipeg Community Areas
    • approximately 31000 - 71000
    • Similar to RHA where there are issues only with rare events
    • Little risk

    25 Winnipeg Neighbourhood Resource Networks
    • Similar to districts above range 3400 - 37000 with most in 10000 - 17000 range
    • moderate to low risk

    228 Winnipeg neighbourhoods
    • Small often under 1000
    • moderate to high risk

Census / Stats Canada Areas

    2065 enumeration areas
    • Area canvassed by one census representative. Smallest census area.
    • Usually less than 500 people
    • moderate to high risk

    150 Census tracts
    • Small geographic units representing urban or rural neighbourhood like areas similar in size to Winnipeg neighbourhoods but some are found outside the Winnipeg boundary.
    • Moderate to high risk

    334 Census subdivisions
    • Very similar to municipal areas in size. Winnipeg is a single unit (650000)
    • Moderate to little risk - not first nations communities identified with higher risk.

Postal Areas

    61 FSA - Forward sortation areas
    • Range is from 1 - 50000
    • Typically over 20000 though
    • Low risk of individual ID (note some FSAs are small)

    24000 Postal codes
    • Typically a block face or small area.
    • Represents very small numbers of people.
    • High risk of individual ID at any level.

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