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Concept: Social and Recreational Programs - Winnipeg

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Last Updated: 2002-11-07


    NOTE: This data is archived in the MCHP Data Repository as it is felt that it will no longer be used in our research.

    The Social and recreational programs variables were derived from a database of social, recreation, and other programs that were available to the communities of Winnipeg during the year 2000 (the database also contains some programs from 1999 and 2001, but these years are not complete). Programs intended for seniors were not addressed. The database was last updated June 2002.

    A SAS data set for analysis purposes contains 56 variables for all 9,572 programs/observations (e.g., name, organization, location, age groups, age-specific fees, etc.). Only the Program Type variable was used in this analysis, separating recreational programs intended for physical activity from social, counseling, and educational programs.

    For more information about the data, please see the Social and Recreational Programs Data glossary term.

Geographic Aggregation

    Each program was geo-located using ArcView. As such, any geographic aggregation of the programs is possible. For these analyses, programs rates were calculated using the population aged 0 - 65 for the geographic areas. The geographic areas analyzed were Community Areas (N=12), Neighbourhood Clusters (N=23) and Community Centre Areas (N=72).

Program Rates

    The rates for the CA's and NCs are presented in table 1 , and for the CCA's the rates are displayed in Figure 1 . As an indication of how program rates correspond with other indicators, correlation matrices for the program rates, premature mortality rates (PMR), ADG25 rates (a clinical grouper encompassing substance abuse diagnoses and many psychiatric diagnoses) and SEFI scores (socio-economic factor index) are also presented (see Tables 2 , 3 , and 4 ).

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