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Concept: Mother of a Child

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Concept Description

Last Updated: 2024-03-12


    concept/Social Determinants of Health-SDOH-Digital Library-Image.jpg Part of the Family Structure group of Concepts, Mother of a Child discusses the definition and data methodology for specifying Mother to one or more specified Children.

Definition and additional background information

    In a strict sense Mother of a Child refers to the biological mother. The birth record in hospital claims provides a definitive link between Mother and Child, although this link is missing for children born outside of hospital or who immigrate to Manitoba.

    For children born to mothers under a midwife’s care, data from the Midwifery Summary System provides information on location of birth, as well as mother and child SCRPHIN for births April 2000 onward.

    In a larger sense Mother of a Child refers to a woman who is listed in the Registry as the Family Head of a family with one or more dependent children, who may be their biological children or not. This definition largely agrees with the hospital-based definition above, but also includes children born outside of hospital and mother/child newcomers to Manitoba.


    The specific method for identifying the mother of a child is currently being developed, and is dependent on the data that is available for determining the mother of a child.

    We will include the code that:

    1. describes the method of identifying the mother's SCRPHIN from the Mother/Baby linkage file; and
    2. describes the method of finding the Female Family Head of the family REGNO group the child is born into.

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