Term: Secondary Prevention

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Last Updated: 2011-06-02


A type of preventative care that identifies individuals at risk of health conditions and prevents the development or progression of the disease in those individuals.

Last (2001) and Katz et al. (2004) defined secondary prevention as a set of measures used for early detection and prompt intervention to control disease and minimize disability (e.g. by the use of screening programs).

The definition used by Lix et al. (2005) encompasses the identification and modification of risk factors, in order to reduce the likelihood of recurrence of a health condition.

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  • Katz A, De Coster C, Bogdanovic B, Soodeen R, Chateau D. Using Administrative Data to Develop Indicators of Quality in Family Practice. Winnipeg, MB: Manitoba Centre for Health Policy, 2004. [Summary] [Full Report] (View)