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Term: Residential Mobility

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Last Updated: 2007-09-20


Residential mobility is the movement of a Manitoba Health insurance registrant within the province that results in a change of six-digit postal code or municipal code (a code assigned to each municipality in Manitoba for administrative and funding purposes) but does not affect continuity of one's eligibility for health insurance coverage. Residential mobility should be differentiated from migration, which is concerned with the movement of individuals at an inter-provincial or international level, whereas residential mobility focuses on intra-provincial movement.

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  • Roos LL, Magoon J, Gupta S, Chateau D, Veugelers PJ. Socioeconomic determinants of mortality in two Canadian provinces: multilevel modelling and neighborhood context. Soc Sci Med 2004;59(7):1435-1447. [Abstract] (View)

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