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Term: Multiple Challenge Index (MCI)

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Last Updated: 2012-05-16


A component of the Early Development Instrument (EDI) that indicates if a child is experiencing challenges in at least three EDI domains. The MCI is scored based on challenges in nine or more subdomains (see Table 1.1: Early Development Instrument (EDI) Domains and Sub-Domains in Santos et al. (2012)). The MCI is scored dichotomously as either having or not having multiple challenges.

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  • Santos R, Brownell M, Ekuma O, Mayer T, Soodeen R-A. The Early Development Instrument (EDI) in Manitoba: Linking Socioeconomic Adversity and Biological Vulnerability at Birth to Children's Outcomes at Age 5. Winnipeg, MB: Manitoba Centre for Health Policy, 2012. [Report] [Summary] (View)

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