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Term: Lung Cancer Incidence and Prevalence

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Last Updated: 2015-05-12


In Martens et al. (2015), the weighted incidence rate of lung cancer per 100,000 person-years was calculated for survey respondents aged 12 and older one, three, five, and 10 years after survey date. Any new case diagnosed up to ten years after survey was included in the incidence rates, so that if a person is diagnosed with a new, different type of lung cancer in the follow-up period, both cases would be counted. In addition, the weighted crude prevalence of lung cancer was calculated for survey respondents aged 12 and older in the five years before their survey date as the percentage of people diagnosed with at least one case of lung cancer.

Cancer sites include the lung and bronchus. Lung cancer was identified by ICD-O-3 topography axis codes C340:C349, excluding morphology axis codes 9590-9989. Cancer data was provided by CancerCare Manitoba.

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