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Term: Canadian Index of Multiple Deprivation (CIMD)

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Last Updated: 2023-04-14


The Canadian Index of Multiple Deprivation (CIMD) is an area-based index which used 2016 Census of Population microdata to measure four key dimensions of deprivation and marginalization at the dissemination area (DA) level: residential instability; situational vulnerability; economic dependency; and, ethno-cultural composition. Using factor analysis, DA-level factor scores were calculated for each dimension. Within a dimension, ordered scores were assigned a quintile value, 1 through 5, where 1 represents the least deprived and 5 represents the most deprived. In addition to the national index, indexes have also been created at provincial and regional levels. (Statistics Canada website: Surveys and statistical programs - The Canadian Index of Multiple Deprivation (CIMD): - accessed April 14, 2023 ).

For more information on the Canadian Index of Multiple Deprivation (CIMD) data, see the:

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