Term: Child Health Indicators

Glossary Definition

Last Updated: 2009-02-27


These are measures that are thought to indicate "healthiness", according to published studies and the opinion of members of our expert working group. The child health indicators developed for the Child Health Atlas Update (2008) are divided into nine broad categories:

  1. Perinatal Health
  2. Health Care Utilization
  3. Use of Prescription Medications
  4. Infant and Child Mortality
  5. Education
  6. Nutrition and Physical Activity
  7. Childhood Chronic Conditions
  8. Community and Social Services
  9. Adolescent Health and Reproductive Health

Please see the Child Health Indicators (2008) concept for more detailed information.

NOTE: This glossary term is related to two other research projects that have used Child Health Indicators. The definition above is specific to the structure and terminology used in the 2008 Deliverable. The other two Child Health Indicator-related concepts are:

These two concept list some of the same indicators used in the 2008 Deliverable, but may be organized differently than the current information, thus the reason for three different concepts.


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