Term: Drug Program Information Network (DPIN) Data

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Last Updated: 2013-03-12


An electronic, on-line, point-of-sale prescription drug database that connects Manitoba Health and pharmacies in Manitoba. The DPIN system generates complete drug profiles for each client including all transactions at the point of distribution. Information about pharmaceutical dispensations, prescriptions identified as potential drug utilization problems, non-adjudicated prescriptions, ancillary programs, and non-drug products is captured in real time for all Manitoba residents (including Registered First Nations), regardless of insurance coverage or final payer. Note that the prescription's indication (the physician's prescribing intent) is not collected and must be inferred from other data. Services not captured in the drug database include hospital pharmacies, nursing stations, ward stock, and outpatient visits at CancerCare Manitoba.

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NOTE: In MCHP research, the Drug Program Information Network (DPIN) data has also been referred to as the Prescription Drug Database.

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