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Last Updated: 2022-12-08


concept/Social Determinants of Health-SDOH-Digital Library-Image.jpg The provincial nominee program is for skilled workers who wish to migrate and settle in the different provinces of Canada. Each province of Canada has a unique Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP), created in 1996 and implemented in 1998, is the oldest Canadian nominee program and has accounted for over half of all immigrants to the province since 2005.

NOTE: The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) – Permanent Residence Database in the Repository has two files containing immigration data that cover different time periods, with different variables containing different values / codes for identifying provincial nominees:

In The Diversity of Immigrants to Manitoba, Migration Dynamics and Basic Healthcare Service Use deliverable by Urquia et al. (2020) they reported on provincial nominees in Manitoba. For more information see Figure 3.13: Provincial Nominees in Manitoba by Landing Year, 1985-2017 in the on-line report.

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