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Reid RJ, Bogdanovic B, Roos NP, Black C, MacWilliam L, Menec V. Do Some Physician Groups See Sicker Patients Than Others? Implications for Primary Care Policy in Manitoba. Winnipeg, MB: Manitoba Centre for Health Policy and Evaluation, 2001. [Report] [Summary]

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Adjusted Clinical Groups® (ACG®) - Overview
Patient Allocation Algorithm: Assigning Patients to Physicians, Physician Groups or Clinics
Physician Characteristics - Primary Care Group Practices

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Assigned Practice Population (APP)
Equivalent Approach to Patient Assignment
Majority Source of Care (MSOC) Method of Patient Assignment
Morbidity Burden
Morbidity Index (ACG®-based)
Patient Allocation
Plurality Approach to Patient Assignment / Allocation
Practice Populations


Deliverables-Primary Care
Manitoba Report
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