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Chartier M, Brownell M, Star L, Murdock N, Campbell R, Phillips-Beck W, Meade C, Au W, Schultz J, Bowes JM, Cochrane B. Our Children, Our Future: The Health and Well-being of First Nations Children in Manitoba. Manitoba Centre for Health Policy, 2020. [Report] [Summary] [Updates and Errata] [Additional Materials]

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Childhood Immunizations
Dental Surgeries / Dental Extractions to Treat Severe-Early Childhood Caries (S-ECC) in Preschool Children
Intellectual Disability (ID) (Mental Retardation) / Developmental Disability (DD) / Developmental Disorders / Intellectual or Developmental Disability (IDD)
Suicide and Attempted Suicide (Intentional Self Inflicted Injury)

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Atopic Dermatitis / Atopic Eczema
Being a Victim of a Crime
Being a Witness of a Crime
Being Accused of a Crime
Breastfeeding Initiation
Causes of Infant Mortality
Child Mortality / Child Mortality Rate
Childhood Immunization
Children in Care (CIC) / Ever in Care
Complete Vaccination (Two Year Olds)
Dental Surgeries
Infant Mortality
Inpatient Hospitalization / Inpatient Hospitalizations / Hospitalizations
Large-for-gestational-age (LGA)
Living in a Family Receiving Income Assistance (AI)
Newborn Readmission
Receipt of Income Assistance


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Social Determinants

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