Constructing the SEFI (1996) Score

Date: October, 2001

1. Census data and source

Note:  The Unemployment and Education variables were combined using principal components analysis when calculating SEFI.  The factor weightings for axis one are used in place of the individual variables.
  • For a full discussion of each variable, see the MCHP deliverable Socio-Economic Characteristics Population Health Information System 1991/92 - 1986 Census Version, pages 34-37.

  • 2. Aggregating Census Data

    Physician Service Areas are geographic sub-regions of Manitoba RHAs based on physician utilization patterns.  Using census divisions or nearest neighbour analysis may be alternative methods for defining areas for imputation.

    3. Defining the SEFI score

    4. Calculation of SEFI at various geographic levels.

    SEFI for larger geographic areas were calculated using mean population-weighted SEFI.


    5. SAS programs used to calculate SEFI scores.


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