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1. Poverty
"Poverty in Canada refers to the state or condition in which a person or household lacks essential resources — financial or otherwise — to maintain a modest standard of living in their community." (Source: Poverty in Canada. Wikipedia.
2. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Coding and Data Sources
In Manitoba, the coronavirus (COVID-19) appeared in early 2020 and new methods for identifying, tracking and treating the infection were developed. This concept identifies the data sources used to collect this information and a description of how in...
3. Calculating Hospital Costs Using Cost Per Weighted Case (CPWC) / Cost of a Standard Hospital Stay (CSHS) Values
This concept describes the methods that have been used over time at MCHP for calculating hospital costs using a Cost Per Weighted Case (CPWC) / Cost of a Standard Hospital Stay (CSHS) value. The concept includes a definition and general description ...
4. Intellectual Disability (ID) (Mental Retardation) / Developmental Disability (DD) / Developmental Disorders / Intellectual or Developmental Disability (IDD)
This concept briefly describes the conditions of intellectual disability (mental retardation) / developmental disability / developmental disorders, and provides operational definitions used in research that utilizes the Manitoba Centre for Health Po...
5. Involvement Type Indicator - Justice System
This concept contains information about an indicator that was developed to provide information about involvement with the Justice system. The indicator is derived from the Justice Prosecution Information and Scheduling Management (PRISM) data avail...
6. High School Completion / Graduation and Grade 12 Attainment
High school completion / graduation is frequently used as an outcome measure for a child's level of educational attainment. Attainment of Grade 12 by a certain age, such as 17 years old, provides a similar measure. This concept describes the genera...
7. Tuberculosis (TB) - Method of Identification
This concept provides a working definition of tuberculosis (TB) and describes the methods used at MCHP to investigate TB in the administrative data held in the Manitoba Population Research Data Repos...
8. Birth Cohort Registry - Methodology
This concept provides the methodology, including SAS code (internal access only), for the development of the birth cohort registry at the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy (MCHP). Issues associated with creating birth cohorts are also discuss...
9. Family Size / Number of Children
Family size has been defined at the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy as the number of children aged 0-19 years who, as best determined from the data, live together in one household. Family size has been measured in two different ways:
10. Siblings
Administrative data provide large numbers of individuals and families for selecting birth cohorts and tracking them through time. At MCHP, both the mother's identification number - an encrypted PHIN (Personal Heath Information Number) - and the fami...

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