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1.Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) / High-Risk Alcohol Use - Methods of Identification
This concept contains information on the methods used in MCHP research to identify the conditions of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) and high-risk alcohol use. In Manitoba, there is a concern of the harms associated with misuse of alcohol, which have far
2.Income Quintiles - Child Health Income Quintiles
An income quintile is a measure of neighbourhood socioeconomic status that divides the population into 5 income groups (from lowest income to highest income) so that approximately 20% of the population is in each group. At MCHP, we have created inco
3.Child Health Indicators (2008)
Measuring health is a very complex issue -- there is no quick and easy way to say whether a group of children are healthy. So, in our Manitoba Child Health Atlas Update (Brownell et al. 2008) we used measures that are thought to indic
4.Child Health Indicators (2012)
This concept contains a list of the child health indicators used in the MCHP Deliverable How are Manitoba's Children Doing? (2012). The list of indicators are divided into four different sections, including:
5.Child Health Status Indicators (2001)
Patterns of health and disease must be understood in the context of the community and region, taking into consideration the size, structure and growth of the population. In addition to key demographic information and other standard health status ind
6.Socioeconomic Factor Index (SEFI) - Version 2 (SEFI-2)
This concept describes the methodology for developing the Socioeconomic Factor Index (SEFI) - Version 2 (SEFI-2) and discusses the use of this index in MCHP research. The SEFI is a measure of socioeconomic characteristics based on Canadian Census d
7.Early Development Instrument (EDI) Outcomes
This concept describes the Early Development Instrument (EDI) and the outcomes associated with this instrument. It also provides information on the areas (domains) covered by the EDI and the outcome
8.Grade Level Assessments
This concept provides information regarding Grade Level Assessments for students in grades 3, 7 and 8 in Manitoba schools. It begins by describing the purpose of grade level assessments and provides access to background information in the form of l
9.Elixhauser Comorbidity Index
This concept contains information on the Elixhauser Comorbidity Index including: a basic description of the Elixhauser Comorbidity Index, how the Index is used at MCHP, and a brief historical perspective on the development and changes to the Index
10.Fractures: Case Definitions Using Administrative Data
This concept provides information on fracture definitions that are developed from administrative health data. This concept identifies the data sources in the MCHP Data Repository used to develop the fracture definitions, and lists different researc

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