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The Overlap Between the Child Welfare and Youth Criminal Justice Systems: Documenting "Cross-Over Kids" in Manitoba - Online Supplement

The online supplement for this Deliverable contains three appendices: (PDF)

  • Appendix 1 includes additional results from Chapter 3. It starts with a more detailed flowchart (Figure 1.1) of how offenses from the Highway Traffic Act (HTA) and Regulatory Offenses were redistributed across the cohort as “not accused” for those cohort members with no other charges against them. The first appendix also displays counts of charges that were calculated differently than those shown in the report. In Chapter 3, all charges related to each incident were counted, regardless of whether they appeared to be identical. For example, in a single incident a youth could be charged with “failure to comply with conditions of probation” three separate times. In contrast, Appendix 1 displays results by only counting unique charges. For example, for the youth charged “failure to comply with conditions of probation” three times for the same incident, we would only count one of these administrative charges. See Appendix Table 1.1 for an explanation of the differences between these two ways of counting charges.
  • Appendix 2 is a technical appendix that outlines the definitions and codes for the mental disorders used in the report.
  • Appendix 3 includes additional results from Chapter 4, which provided statistical models to identify predictors of youth criminal justice system involvement. The appendix figures include analyses of interactions between characteristics associated with justice involvement, and results from comparisons between groups 1-3 (no overlap between child welfare and youth criminal justice involvement) and group 7 (reference group – neither child welfare nor youth criminal justice system involvement).

When using information from this online supplement in presentations or publications, proper attribution of credit for the research should be included by making reference to this report.

How to cite these supplements:

Brownell M, Nickel N, Turnbull L, Au W, Ekuma O, MacWilliam L, McCulloch S, Valdivia J, Boram Lee J, Wall-Wieler E, Enns J. The Overlap Between the Child Welfare and Youth Criminal Justice Systems: Documenting “Cross-Over Kids” in Manitoba. Winnipeg, MB. Manitoba Centre for Health Policy. Spring 2020

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