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Concept: Hospitals and PCHs not part of RHA structure

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Last Updated: 2001-08-16


    Hospitals and Personal Care Homes that are not a part of the RHA structure are available from Manitoba Health. The following listings outline non-devolved health centres in Winnipeg and non-devolved health corporations by region.

Winnipeg Centres

    Hospitals and Personal Care Homes

    • Victoria Hospital - established by Private Act
    • St. Boniface Hospital - established by Private Act (faith- based)
    • Concordia - established by Private Act (faith-based)
    • Seven Oaks - established by Private Act
    • Grace General Hospital- established by Private Act (faith- based)
    • Riverview - the City of Winnipeg owns the facility and Riverview Health Centre Inc. leases the property from the city
    • Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre
    • Misericordia - established by Private Act (faith-based)
    • The Rehabilitation Centre for Children
    • Deer Lodge - owned by the provincial government (managing corporation incorporated under The Corporations Act with the members of the corporation appointed by the Minister)
    • Winnipeg PCH - 35 personal care homes operated by non-profit faith-based and secular corporations and proprietary (for-profit) corporations generally established under The Corporations Act (with a small number established by Private Acts or under federal legislation). One of the operators is Concordia Hospital. A number of personal care homes are operated by the same proprietary corporation (or corporations controlled by the same shareholders control more than one Health Corporation).

    Health Centres

    • Health Action Centre - to be transferred to the WRHA effective April 1, 2000
    • Hope Centre
    • Klinic
    • MFL Occupational Health and Safety Centre
    • Mount Carmel Clinic
    • Nor'West Co-op Health & Social Services Centre
    • The Women's Health Clinic
    • Village Clinic
    • Youville Centre

Health Corporations By Region


    • Tabor Senior Citizen's Home - personal care home
    • Rock Lake Health District - Rock Lake Hospital and Rock Lake PCH - established under The District Health and Social Services Act
    • Prairie View Lodge personal care home (faith-based)
    • Salem Home Inc. - personal care home (faith-based)
    • Eden Mental Health Centre - established by Private Act (faith-based)


    • St. Paul's Home - personal care home established by Private Act (faith-based)
    • Swan River Hospital District - Swan River Valley Hospital, Swan River
    • Valley Lodge, Swan River Valley PCH Inc.
    • Benito Health Centre - established under The Health Services Act
    • McCreary/Alonsa Health Centre - Hospital and McCreary/Alonsa PCH - established under The District Health and Social Services Act
    • Ste. Rose General Hospital - established by Private Act (faith-based)
    • Dr. Gendreau Memorial PCH Inc. - personal care home (faith-based)
    • Winnipegosis General Hospital Inc. - Winnipegosis General Hospital Inc. and Winnipegosis, Mossey River PCH Inc. (faith-based)


    • Betel Home Foundation - 2 personal care homes
    • Red River Manor Inc. - personal care home (proprietary)
    • Tudor House Ltd. - personal care home (proprietary)

    South Eastman
    • Menno Home for the Aged - personal care home (faith- based)
    • St. Adolphe Nursing Home Ltd. - personal care home (proprietary)
    • Resthaven Nursing Home - personal care home (faith-based)
    • Villa Youville Inc. - personal care home (faith-based)

    • Dinsdale Personal Care Home - personal care home (faith- based)
    • Hillcrest Place Inc. - personal care home (proprietary)
    • Central Park Lodge - personal care home (proprietary)

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