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Term: Chronic Care

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Last Updated: 2013-10-04


In Fransoo et al. (2013), chronic care (also referred to as Continuing Care or Extended Care) refers to care for patients with long term disease who, while ill, are considered stable and receive managed, ongoing care for their illness. Chronic care differs from acute care, where patients may be severely ill for a short period of time and likely require hospitalization, treatment and/or surgery, although chronic care patients may receive acute care if required.

There are two designated chronic care centres in Manitoba (Deer Lodge Centre and Riverview Health Centre). In Fransoo et al. (2013), these centres are excluded from all analyses. However, chronic care services provided in acute care hospitals were included in the analyses of coded alternate level of care (ALC) and possible ALC hospitalizations and days of hospital care (if identified as such).

In De Coster et al. (1996), chronic care is defined as one of 13 alternate levels of care and describes patients who show little or no potential for rehabilitation, whose care needs cannot be met at home, and who require equipment, treatment, or a level of professional supervision (e.g. nursing, medical, respiratory) not usually provided in a Personal Care Home (PCH). This is a separate service from Home Care (Roos et al., 2001) .

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