Term: Polypharmacy

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Glossary Definition

Last Updated: 2016-06-01


This identifies the number of dispensed medications in a given time frame (e.g.: per year). MCHP research examples include:

  • persons taking six or more different medications per year (Kozyrskyj et al., 2005);
  • the proportion of personal care home (PCH) residents who were dispensed nine or more different categories of medications in a 100-day period (Doupe et al., 2006);
  • the proportion of community-dwelling Manitoba residents age 65 or older taking six or more different drugs in a 121-day period in fiscal years 1996/97-2003/04 (Martens et al., 2008) ; and
  • the proportion of residents that were dispensed seven or more classes of medications during their first year of stay (Doupe et al., 2016).

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