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Last Updated: 2014-06-25


The Midwifery Summary Reports data contains summary information for all Manitoba women receiving prenatal, intrapartum, and/or postpartum care from a midwife. Information on demographics, maternal outcomes, birth outcomes, consultations, transfer of care and transport are provided from discharge summary forms completed by the primary midwife for each client upon discharge from care and submitted to Manitoba Health.

For more information on Midwifery Discharge Summary Reports data, see the:

  • Midwifery Summary Reports Data Description that contains a brief summary of the content of the data set and information on the Source Agency, Purpose, Years, Type, Size, Data Level, Components, Scope, Data Collection Method, Data Highlights, Data Cautions, Access Requirements, More Information, Last Updated and a list of Previous Studies using the data set;

  • MCHP Metadata Repository - Midwifery Summary System - [Internal Access Only] - for technical and programming related information, including an Overview, Data Model, Data Quality, Data Dictionary, Documents and Reports, and Blog.

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  • Heaman M, Kingston D, Helewa M, Brownell M, Derksen S, Bogdanovic B, McGowan K, Bailly A. Perinatal Services and Outcomes in Manitoba. Winnipeg, MB: Manitoba Centre for Health Policy, 2012. [Summary] [Full Report] [Errata] (View)