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Term: Group-Based Trajectory Model

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Last Updated: 2015-01-29


Group-based trajectory models are a statistical regression method used to identify subgroups of cases - in Chateau et al. (2015), these are physicians - who share statistically similar trajectories over time on a criterion variable (Nagin, 1999).

In Chateau et al. (2015), that variable is quality indicator trigger rates.

Related terms 


  • Nagin D. Analyzing developmental trajectories: A semi-parametric, group-based approach. Psychol Methods 1999;4(2):139-177.(View)

Term used in 

  • Chateau D, Enns M, Ekuma O, Koseva I, McDougall C, Kulbaba C, Allegro E. Evaluation of the Manitoba IMPRxOVE Program. Winnipeg, MB: Manitoba Centre for Health Policy, 2015. [Report] [Summary] (View)

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