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Term: Critical Care and Medicine (CCMED) Data

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Last Updated: 2018-11-13


The Critical Care and Medicine (CCMED)data contains episodic information for individuals admitted to any one of the six adult intensive care units (ICUs) in Winnipeg or to one of the four Medicine wards in Winnipeg.

The types of ICUs include:

  • Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU),
  • Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU),
  • Intermediate Intensive Care Unit (IICU),
  • Acute Cardiac Care Unit (ACCU),
  • Intensive Care Cardiac Surgery (ICCS), and
  • Coronary Care Unit (CCU).
Critical Care data collected includes: patient demographics, length of stay, diagnoses, complications and comorbidities, APACHE II scores, lab test results, pharmacy collection and therapeutic interventions for each episode of care.

Medicine data collected includes: patient demographics, length of stay and transfers among Medicine wards, diagnoses, complications and comorbidities, functional status (Activities of Daily Living (ADL)) scores, APACHE II scores, and Patient Task Tracking Nursing work items.

NOTE: This data is an update to the separate, inactive Critical Care / Intensive Care Unit (IUCU) and Medicine databases held in the Repository.

For more information on Critical Care and Medicine data, see the:
  • Critical Care and Medicine Data Description that contains a brief summary of the content of the data set and information on the Source Agency, Purpose, Years, Type, Size, Data Level, Components, Scope, Data Collection Method, Data Highlights, Data Cautions, Access Requirements, More Information, and Last Updated date;

  • MCHP Metadata Repository - Critical Care and Medicine - [Internal Access Only] - for technical and programming related information, including an Overview, Data Model, Data Quality, Data Dictionary, Documents and Reports, and Blog.

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