Term: Personal Care Home (PCH) Admissions

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Last Updated: 2009-10-20


This indicator measures the percentage of area residents age 75+ admitted to a PCH in a year (values are the annual average for a two-year period). Area of residence was assigned based on where people lived at the time, which is determined by the location of the PCH. Rates are age- and sex-adjusted to the population of Manitoba (75+) (Fransoo et al., 2009).

In Martens et al. (2015), the weighted rate of PCH admission per 1,000 survey respondents aged 70 and older was calculated one, three, five and ten years after survey. Institutionalized people, including those residing in a PCH, were not included in the sampling frame of the surveys so survey respondents would only be admitted to PCH after they took the survey. Only the first admission to PCH was counted, not transfers between PCHs.

This term has also been called Admission to Personal Care Home (PCH) in other MCHP research.

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