Term: Inadequate Prenatal Care

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Last Updated: 2020-05-25


The average annual maternal age-adjusted percent of singleton live births whose mothers received inadequate or no prenatal care was calculated for two five-year time periods: 2007/08–2011/12 and 2012/13–2016/17, for comparison. Mothers with no or inadequate prenatal care were determined as those with a low score on the Revised-Graduated Prenatal Care Utilization Index (R-GINDEX) .

The denominator includes all singleton live births in Manitoba hospitals (ICD–10–CA codes Z38.0, Z38.1, Z38.2) where the mother was covered by MHSAL for the entire gestation period. Stillbirths and records with gestational age missing, less than 20 weeks, or greater than 45 weeks were excluded.

The ICD–9–CM tariffs used to identify a prenatal care visit were 8400 and 8401. If a diagnosis of pregnancy was also recorded on the medical claim then tariffs, 8501, 8507, 8509, 8529, 8540, and 8550 were also used. The ICD–9–CM diagnosis codes used to identify a prenatal care visit were 640–669, V22, and V23.

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