Term: Travelling to Give Birth - Location

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Last Updated: 2020-05-25


In Heaman et al. (2012), this indicator measures the proportion of women who travelled outside of their Regional Health Authority (RHA) of residence to give birth. In some areas, this may not represent a great distance.

In Fransoo et al. (2019), this indicator measures where women went to give birth using the following categories:

  1. percent delivered at their expected maternity hospital,
  2. percent delivered at a maternity hospital in other RHA,
  3. percent delivered in a Winnipeg maternity hospital, and
  4. percent delivered in a non-maternity hospital.
The location of deliveries was calculated for two fiscal years 2010/11–2011/12 and 2015/16–2016/17 to allow comparison. The indicator included live births and stillbirths in Manitoba hospitals (ICD–10–CA codes Z37).

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