Term: Manitoba Renal Program (MRP) Data

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Last Updated: 2015-12-03


The Manitoba Renal Program (MRP) data is administrative data maintained by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) that provide information about the dialysis services that patients with acute kidney injury or kidney (renal) failure have received in 20 renal health centres across Manitoba from 2004 onwards. These centres include four urban and 16 rural and northern locations. These data provide information about the patients' date of entry into the Manitoba Renal Program and type of dialysis services received. In addition to providing dialysis services, MRP provides education and non-dialysis clinical care that promote kidney health, prevention of kidney failure, and disease management.

NOTE: This data is considered project data, acquired for the research project by Chartier et al. (2015), and is currently not part of the accessible data held in the MCHP Data Repository.

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