Term: Birth Rate

Glossary Definition

Last Updated: 2020-05-25


The age-adjusted rate of births per 1,000 women was calculated for females age 15-45 for two different time periods (fiscal years 2011/12 and 2016/17) for comparison. Births were defined as live births coded in Manitoba hospital abstracts with ICD–10–CA codes Z37.0, Z37.2, Z37.3, and Z37.5. The denominator includes all Manitoba female residents age 15 to 45 years as of December 31, 2011 and 2016.

Note that home births and those occurring at the birth centre in Winnipeg are coded into the hospital abstract data system, so they were included in this analysis even if no hospital care is involved.

For more information, see section 10.1 Birth Rate in the online 2019 deliverable.

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