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Term: Drug Data Support Files

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Last Updated: 2014-06-25


This drug-based file, updated annually, was created at MCHP to enable creation of DIN lists over time from a given set of drug names or ATC classes. Value-added pieces include carrier listings specific to the Province of Manitoba for active and discontinued products, Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification (ATC) codes, defined daily dosages (DDD), standardized drug strength values, the time period for which the Drug Identification Number is active, deductible justifications (dpclapp file for co-applicants), mean expected costs, and other indicators to denote characteristics such as over-the-counter prescribing and veterinary use.

For more information on Drug Data Support Files data, see:

  • Drug Data Support Files Data Description that contains a brief summary of the content of the data set and information on the Source Agency, Purpose, Years, Type, Size, Data Level, Components, Scope, Data Collection Method, Data Highlights, Data Cautions, Access Requirements, More Information, and Last Updated date.

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