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Term: Cancellation of Healthcare Coverage

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Glossary Definition

Last Updated: 2022-09-20


A Manitoba resident may have their provincial healthcare coverage cancelled in the Manitoba Health Insurance Registry for a variety of reasons including:

  • death,
  • moving out of province, either to another province / territory or out of country,
  • joining the military or RCMP,
  • becoming an inmate of a federal prison,
  • no longer a ward of the province,
  • expiration of a visa for temporary residents or international students,
  • cannot be located, or
  • other
The variables in the Manitoba Health Insurance Registry data relevant to the cancellation of healthcare coverage include: Coverage End Date (CANCDT) and Reason for Cancellation of Healthcare Coverage Code (CANCCODE).

Using the appropriate Cancellation of Healthcare Coverage Reason codes, these can be used as a proxy for moves out of the province in order to calculate indicators such as outmigration. For temporary residents or students on a visa, the cancellation date is based on the visa expiry date.

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