Term: Ambulatory Diagnostic Groups (ADG)

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Last Updated: 2013-09-19


Now known as Aggregated Diagnosis Groups® , Ambulatory Diagnostic Groups were used in earlier versions (prior to 2001, version 5 release) of the Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Group® (ACG®) case-mix system when it was called the Ambulatory Care Group (ACG) system. While more recent ACG Groupers assign patients into one of 32 ADGs based on 5 clinical and expected utilization criteria, earlier versions of the software assigned a patient into Ambulatory Diagnosis Groups (ADGs) based on the following eight criteria:

A crude measure of significant morbidity burden is the presence of three or more ADGs in a given time period. Note: The use of ADGs has been updated. Please see definition for Aggregated Diagnosis Groups (ADGs).

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