Term: Winnipeg School Division (WSD) Data

Glossary Definition

Last Updated: 2007-01-22


This database contains information on students attending schools in one of the four school districts (North, South, Central and Inner City) that comprise WSD (formerly known as WSD #1). The largest school division of 6 divisions serving children in Winnipeg, WSD is responsible for providing educational programs and related services to a significantly multi-ethnic population. Included in the data are variables pertaining to family characteristics, participation in public and community programs, university entrance, as well as the degree of parental participation in educational programming. Individual level data are available on math skills, language arts, motor skills and social/emotional development and indicators for employment of parents and single/dual parent family.

NOTE: This data is categorized as Inactive Repository Data.

NOTE: This data is no longer collected because the data is available as part of the Enrollment, Marks and Assessments Data held in the MCHP Manitoba Population Research Data Repository.

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