Term: Pharmaceutical Use / Prescription Rate

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Last Updated: 2013-10-30


This is a measure of the total number of prescriptions per resident and includes any prescription medication captured in Manitoba's Drug Program Information Network (DPIN). The indicator measures the proportion of residents who had at least one prescription dispensed in a given year. This includes nearly all prescriptions dispensed from community-based pharmacies across the province (prescription drugs given to hospitalized patients and some nursing home residents in PCHs with hospital-based pharmacies are not included). Prescriptions were limited to those covered by Manitoba Health's Pharmacare Program and prescriptions for over the counter drugs were excluded; these exclusions were made in order to have a fair, common set of drugs across the province when looking at prescription use. Values are age- and sex-adjusted to the Manitoba population.

Prescription rate is the term used in Lix et al. (2016).

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