Term: Self-Perceived Work Stress - (CCHS Survey Data)

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Last Updated: 2009-10-20


Stress in the workplace can happen when a worker experiences increased workload and demands, lack of resources, forced overtime, or if they are worried about the security of their job, and other reasons. Prolonged work-related stress can result in job dissatisfaction, high turnover, illness, absenteeism, and lack of motivation.

In the CCHS Survey - Chapter 14, participants age 15-75 were asked the question "Have you worked at a job or business at any time in the past 12 months?" Those who did not respond "No" were then asked, "The next question is about your main job or business in the past 12 months. Would you say that most days were: (not at all stressful, not very stressful, a bit stressful, quite a bit stressful, or extremely stressful)?" Other possible responses include don't know or not stated.

Respondents were grouped into three categories: low stress ("not at all stressful" and "not very stressful"), medium stress ("a bit stressful") and high stress ("quite a bit stressful" and "extremely stressful"). The age- and sex-adjusted proportion of respondents in each group are reported. Those responding "Don't Know" were excluded.

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