Term: Benzodiazepine Prescriptions to Community-Dwelling Older Adults

Glossary Definition

Last Updated: 2020-05-20


This measures the crude percentage of seniors aged 75 and older who had at least two prescriptions for benzodiazepines or at least one prescription for benzodiazepines with a greater than 30 day supply, measured annually for three fiscal years.

NOTE: This term has recently been called Benzodiazepine Dispensations to Community-Dwelling Older Adults (Katz et al. (2019) and Fransoo et al. (2019)).

For a list of appropriate ATC codes for adults aged 75 years and older, please see the relevant sub-section in the Benzodiazepine Use concept.

Rates are provided for community-dwelling seniors only; seniors residing in Personal Care Homes (PCH) are excluded. If a resident lived in a PCH for one or more days during the study period, they were categorized as a senior residing in a PCH and were excluded from analyses. The denominator includes all Manitoba residents aged 75 and older. Note that if an individual died during the fiscal year, then prescriptions are looked at one year before death.

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