Term: Rehabilitative Care

Glossary Definition

Last Updated: 2013-10-04


Care for patients who have experienced a debilitating illness (e.g: stroke), injury or major surgery. Rehabilitation patients receive specialized care which may include physical therapy for increased strength and mobility, occupational therapy for improved everyday living skills and speech and language therapy for improved communication. The goal of rehabilitative care is to improve or restore a patient's quality of life after illness or injury to as close a level as possible prior to the adverse event.

In Manitoba there are seven facilities with designated rehabilitation beds/units: Deer Lodge Centre, Riverview Health Centre, St. Boniface General Hospital, Health Sciences Centre, Concordia Hospital, Grace General Hospital and Seven Oaks Hospital. As of April 1, 2008, these facilities do not submit hospital abstracts to the Hospital Discharge Abstract Data for rehabilitative care, but report only to the National Rehabilitation Reporting System (NRS). Other hospitals outside of Winnipeg that offer rehabilitation beds or units continue to report to the Hospital Discharge Abstract Data.

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