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Last Updated: 2015-05-12


Health data maintained by Manitoba Health consisting of hospital forms/computerized records containing summaries of demographic and clinical information (e.g., gender, postal code, diagnoses and procedure codes) completed at the point of discharge from the hospital. Several hundred thousand abstracts per year are submitted for all separations from acute and chronic care facilities in Manitoba and for all Manitobans admitted to out-of-province facilities. The Hospital Abstracts Data include records of both Manitoba residents and non-Manitoba residents hospitalized in Manitoba facilities and information about inpatient and day surgery services.

For more information on Hospital Abstracts data, see the:

  • Hospital Abstracts Data Description that contains a brief summary of the content of the data set and information on the Source Agency, Purpose, Years, Type, Size, Data Level, Components, Scope, Data Collection Method, Data Highlights, Data Cautions, Access Requirements, More Information, Last Updated and a list of Previous Studies using the data set;

  • MCHP Metadata Repository - Hospital Abstracts - [Internal Access Only] - for technical and programming related information, including an Overview, Data Model, Data Quality, Data Dictionary, Documents and Reports, and Blog.
In MCHP research, the Hospital Abstracts data has also been defined as: Hospital Discharge Abstracts Data, Hospital Discharge Abstracts Database, Discharge Abstracts, Hospital Abstract, Hospital Abstracts Database, Hospital Discharge Abstract, Hospital Discharge Database, and Hospital Separation Abstract.

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