Term: Service Type - In Hospital

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Last Updated: 2013-10-04


A categorization of inpatient hospitalizations into different Service Types based on several criteria. In Fransoo et al. (2013), a multi-step process was used to group inpatient hospitalizations into nine Service Type categories based on age, Most Responsible Diagnosis, Patient Service Codes, the Case Mix Group (CMG™) system, and Major Clinical Categories (MCC). The nine categories include:

  1. Coded ALC (Alternate Level of Care)
  2. Possible ALC (Alternate Level of Care)
  3. Live Birth Service type
  4. Medical Service Type
  5. Surgical Service Type
  6. Palliative Service Type
  7. Pregnancy and Birth Service Type
  8. Mental Disorder Service Type, and
  9. Ungroupable CMG™

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