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Last Updated: 2003-11-15


Nine Winnipeg Sub-Regions

Map of Winnipeg Sub-Regions


  1. Approximately 10,000 people, who were identified as Winnipeg residents, are classified as Non-Winnipeg residents by the 1986 Census. For example, residents just past the Perimeter Hwy. in West or East St. Paul would fall into this category. Urban income quintile values were therefore not available for these people. However, they all had a rural income quintile value of 5. Based upon the monetary ranges of rural quintile 5 and urban quintiles and using an assumption that the family income is equally distributed within the monetary range for rural quintile 5, an urban quintile value was randomly and proportionally assigned to these 10,000 people. This will be of more interest to analyses by income quintile.

  2. Old St. Boniface includes approx. 13,500 people from a concentrated area of St. Vital (between St. Anne's Rd. and the Seine River, south of Fermor and north of Bishop Grandin) whose income was in the two lowest urban quintiles.

  3. Residents of the northeast corner of the Outer Core had a somewhat higher family income than the remainder of the Outer Core. They are included in the Outer Core because they, as do all of the Outer Core residents, fall within the City of Winnipeg Health Dept.'s jurisdiction.

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