Concept: Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) - Method of Identification

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Last Updated: 2023-02-09


Definition of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

MCHP HIV Algorithms

1. Brownell et al. (2012)

2. Lix et al. (2012)

Table 1 - HIV: Serology Section

    11/25/1993 01/01/2099 HIV ANTI-HIV1/HIV2
    01/01/1990 05/01/2006 HIV1C HIV1 CONFIRM
    01/01/1990 05/01/2006 HIV2C HIV2 CONFIRM
    10/23/2007 01/01/2099 HIVA ANTI-HIV1/HIV2
    01/01/1990 01/01/2099 HIVAG HIV1 ANTIGEN DETECTION
    04/02/1998 01/01/2099 HIVDN HIV-DNA
    04/30/2003 01/01/2099 HIVGT HIV-1 DRUG RESISTANCE
    01/01/1990 05/01/2006 HIVIF HIV1 IFA
    12/21/2006 01/01/2099 HIVN ANTI-HIV1/HIV2
    09/24/1996 01/01/2099 HIVQR HIV QUANTITATIVE RNA - PCR
    02/01/2008 01/01/2099 HIVRT ANTIBODY TO HIV (RAPID TEST)
    05/01/2006 01/01/2099 HIVVL HIV VIRAL LOAD
    01/01/1990 01/01/2099 HVCC HIV1/HIV2 CROSSREACT/CONFIRM
    05/07/2009 01/01/2099 HVCOM COMBO ANTI-HIV-1/O/2 AND HIV-1 P24
    01/01/1990 12/03/1993 HVCS HIV1/HIV2 SCREEN
    05/03/1993 05/01/2006 HVCS2 HIV1-HIV2 SUPPLEMENTARY SCREEN TEST
    03/20/1997 05/01/2006 HVRNA HIV QUANTITATIVE RNA-PCR
    12/21/2006 01/01/2099 ROHIV ANTI-HIV1/HIV2

    1 - The date that the code was created in the file.
    2 - The date that the code became inactive.

Comparison of Lab Data to Hospital Discharge Abstracts and Medical Services Data

    Incident HIV cases identified from the hospital abstracts data and medical services data were compared to the CPL data for the fiscal years 2007/08 and 2008/09. ICD-9-CM codes 042 and ICD-10-CA codes B20-B24 were used to identify the diagnoses of HIV. In the two-year period, a total of 203 new cases of HIV were identified in the hospital abstracts and medical services/physician claims data. Of these cases, 33.0% had a positive HIV test result in the CPL data 30 days before or after the diagnosis date. When a 180-day period was used, 45.8% had a positive test in the CPL data, indicating a moderate agreement between positive test results and diagnoses for HIV in hospital abstracts and medical services/physician claims data. For more information on how HIV was investigated in the CPL data, read the section titled Case Study #1: Record Linkage for HIV Tests in Lix et al. (2012).

3. Fransoo et al. (2019)

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