Concept: Diabetes in Pregnancy - Differentiating Between Maternal Pre-Gestational Diabetes and Gestational Diabetes

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Last Updated: 2015-11-26



Pre-Gestational Diabetes Definition

Determining if the maternal pre-gestational diabetes is Type 1 or Type 2

For those women identified as having pre-gestational diabetes, determine the pre-gestational diabetes type (Type 1 or Type 2), using the following process:

  1. As reported in the Diabetes Education Resource for Children and Adolescents (DERCA) data .
  2. Based on the woman’s first diabetes hospital code reported in the 2 year diabetes evaluation period.
    Type 1: if ICD-9-CM codes 250.x1, 250.x3; ICD-10-CA codes E10, O24.5, O24.0.
    Type 2: if ICD-9-CM codes 250.x0, 250.x2; ICD-10-CA codes E11, O24.6, O24.1.
  3. Type 2: if the woman did not receive any diabetes drugs during her gestation period (using the Drug Program Information Network (DPIN) data).
  4. Type 2: if the woman only received a non-insulin diabetes drug (i.e.: ATC = A10B) during her gestation period.

Gestational Diabetes Definition

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