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Term: Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth (MECY)

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Last Updated: 2007-01-22


MECY is a Manitoba provincial government department "charged with the responsibility for setting priorities and allocating funds" for the Province's public and independent Kindergarten to Grade 12 (Senior 4) school system and for citizenship and youth initiatives (ECY Annual Report 2004-2005). The information collected through this process is used in "calculating school funding as well as to establish student demographic records, providing course registration data and to provide information on teaching activities" (ECY Annual Report 2004-2005).

NOTE: The services provided by the department called Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth (MECY) are now provided by the department called Manitoba Education. This new department was formed in the 2009-2010 fiscal year as a result of a department restructuring in the Manitoba provincial government.

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