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Term: Postpartum Hospital Readmission

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Glossary Definition

Last Updated: 2012-11-05


Maternal re-hospitalization during the postpartum period. Includes hospital admissions which occur in a defined period (within 90 days) following childbirth and may involve either complications related to pregnancy and/or delivery or unrelated medical conditions. The following reasons for readmission were based on most-responsible diagnosis and grouped into categories using ICD-10-CA codes:

  • Complications of pregnancy not elsewhere classified: O12.0-O12.2, O23.0-O23.9, O26-O26.4, O26.6-O26.9, O31.0-O31.2, O86.0-O86.4, O95
  • Postpartum hemorrhage: O72.0-O72.3
  • Major puerperal infection: A34, O85, O86.8
  • Cholelithiasis: K80.0-K80.8
  • Other current conditions in the mother classifiable elsewhere, but complicating pregnancy, childbirth, or the puerperium: O24.0-O25, O99.0-O99.8, O87.1, O89.4
  • Person seeking consultation without complaint of sickness, postpartum care and examination: F68.1, Z58.0-Z58.9
  • Infection of the breast/nipple associated with childbirth: O91.0-O91.2, O92.2, N61
  • Hypertension complicating pregnancy, childbirth, puerperium: O10.0-O11, O13-O16
  • Other unspecified complication of puerperium, not elsewhere classified: O88.2, O90.0-090.5, 090.8, 090.9
  • Depression disorder and mood/affective psychoses: F30-F31.9, F32.2-F32.9, F33.1, F33.2, F33.4, F33.8-F34.9, F38.0-F39, F53.0, F53.1
  • Acute appendicitis: K35.0-K35.9, K65.0, K65.8
  • Acute pancreatitis: K85, K87.1
  • Symptoms involving abdomen and pelvis: R10.0-R10.4, R16.0-R16.1, R18, R19.0, R19.3, R19.8
  • Complications of procedures, not elsewhere classified: T81.0-T81.6, T81.8-T81.9, T88.4, T88.9
  • Retained placenta: O73.0, O73.1, N93.9
  • Calculus of kidney and ureter: N20-N20.9, N22.0, N22.8
  • Other diagnoses: any code not mentioned above.

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