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Term: Apprehended at Birth / Taken into CFS Care at Birth

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Glossary Definition

Last Updated: 2015-10-13


This defines children who are taken into Child and Family Services (CFS) care at or near the time of birth.

Apprehensions at birth often occur as a result of a "birth alert" that is issued by CFS when they are aware of expectant mothers considered to be high risk with respect to the kind of care they may provide to their newborns (Family Services and Housing. Child Protection Services. Government of Manitoba. November 23, 2009. . Accessed September 12, 2014.)

In Brownell et al., (2015) they defined children "apprehended at birth" as children apprehended by CFS staff within seven days of their birth.

In Ruth et al. (2015), they defined children "taken into CFS care at birth" as children taken into CFS protective care within the first 72 hours of birth.

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