Term: Readmission / Hospital Readmission

Glossary Definition

Last Updated: 2020-05-20


This indicator measures the percent of hospital episodes after which the patient was admitted again to any hospital within one to 30 days of discharge. Only unplanned inpatient readmissions were counted, defined by admission category ‘U’ for urgent/emergent admissions. Hospital episodes combine multiple inpatient admissions of the same person to create a single continuous stay in the hospital system, linking transfers between hospitals; readmissions less than 24 hours after discharge were considered to be part of the same hospital episode. Values are age– and sex–adjusted to the Manitoba population.

All Manitoba hospitals are included. Personal care homes, nursing stations and long-term care facilities (Deer Lodge Centre, Manitoba Adolescent Treatment Centre, Rehabilitation Centre for Children, and Riverview Health Centre) are excluded. Out of province hospitalizations for Manitoba residents are also excluded. In cases of birth, both the newborn and the mother's hospitalizations were included as index hospitalizations.

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