Term: Factors Associated With Readmission

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Last Updated: 2014-05-21


A series of logistic regression analyses were performed to determine which of a number of factors were related to hospital readmission within 30 days, based on the investigation and findings of previous studies (Battistella, Torabian, & Siadatan, 1997; Calvillo-King et al., 2013; Hoskins, Walton-Moss, Clark, Schroeder, & Thiel, 1999; Kansagara et al., 2011; Lichtman et al., 2010; Mackie, Ionescu-Ittu, Pilote, Rahme, & Marelli, 2008; Slamowicz, Erbas, Sundararajan, & Dharmage, 2008; Van Walraven & Bell, 2002; Weeks, Lee, Wallace, West, & Bagian, 2009).

The factors investigated in Fransoo et al. (2013) were:

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