Concept: Hospital Costing: Using the 2009 Cost List for Manitoba Hospital Services

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Last Updated: 2011-02-07


Key Terms Used in Costing

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Identifying Direct Costs of Inpatient Care

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Determining the Total Weighted Cases (TWC)

Findings - Cost Per Weighted Case (CPWC)

CPWC By Hospital Type

There are circumstances under which researchers may want to have different costs for different types of hospitals. The table below provides the CPWC for three different types of hospitals: Teaching, Urban Community, and Other.

Type of Hospital Direct Cost ($) Adjusted Total
Weighted Cases
CPWC ($)
Teaching Hospitals $ 277,409,431
$ 3,505
Urban Community Hospitals $ 179,209,609
$ 2,650
Other Hospitals $ 131,059,451
$ 2,510


The two teaching hospitals include Health Sciences Centre and St. Boniface General Hospital in Winnipeg. The urban community hospitals include Brandon, and the Concordia, Grace, Seven Oaks, and Victoria hospitals in Winnipeg. The "other" category includes all other hospitals in Manitoba combined.

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