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Finlayson G, Reimer J, Dahl M, Stargardter M, McGowan K. The Direct Cost of Hospitalizations in Manitoba, 2005/06. Winnipeg, MB: Manitoba Centre for Health Policy, 2009. [Report] [Summary] [Supplements/Data extras]

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Calculating Hospital Costs Using Cost Per Weighted Case (CPWC) / Cost of a Standard Hospital Stay (CSHS) Values
Case Mix Groups (CMG™) - Overview
Costing Methods: An Overview of Costing Health Services in Manitoba
Hospital Costing: Using the 2009 Cost List for Manitoba Hospital Services

Related terms

Acute Care Hospitals
Alternate Payment Plan (APP)
Ambulatory Care
Atypical Patient
Average Cost Per Weighted Case (ACWC or ACPWC)
Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)
Case Mix Groups (CMG™)
Case Mix Groups with Complexity Overlay (CMG Plx™)
Case Weights
Cost Per Weighted Case (CPWC or CWC)
Day Procedure Groups (DPG™)
Day Surgery (Outpatient Surgery)
Diagnosis Related Group (DRG™)
Direct Costs of Inpatient Care
Discharge Abstract Database (DAD)
Fee-For-Service (FFS)
Hospital Discharge Abstracts Database
Length of Stay (LOS)
Long Term Care (LTC)
Management Information System (MIS)
Manitoba Cost List
Manitoba Health Insurance Registry Data
Manitoba Population Research Data Repository (Repository)
Physician Claims
Refined Diagnosis Related Groups (RDRG®)
Regional Health Authority (RHA)
Resource Intensity Weights (RIW™)
Salaried Physicians
Shadow Billing
Total Weighted Cases (TWC)
Typical Patient


case-mix costing
Diagnosis-Related Groups
Direct Service Costs
resource intensity weights

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