Term: Cost Per Weighted Case (CPWC or CWC)

Glossary Definition

Last Updated: 2009-04-09


A financial indicator that provides a measure of the cost to provide care to a "standard" hospital patient. It is a relative, average cost calculated by summing the weights assigned to all cases treated by a hospital, and dividing this number into the hospital's total patient expenditure. This may include inpatient costs only, or both inpatient and day surgery costs - for those that have discharge abstracts completed, depending on the scope of the study. It is used for describing and comparing the cost of care, as it removes the effects of differences in the acuity, severity and complexity of the populations served in different hospitals on the cost of providing care, and permits the assignment of a cost to each case that is discharged from a hospital. Cost per weighted case may be measured at multiple levels: hospital, Regional Health Authority (RHA), hospital type, province-wide.

Over time, this term is also referred to as the average cost per weighted case (ACPWC or ACWC) or hospital cost per weighted case (CPWC or CWC).

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